You Might Be A Reformed Druid …


<em>Signs of Druidical Inclinations by Mike the Fool, 2010</em>
<li>If you think the <a href=””>two Basic Tenets</a> address a neglected part of your spiritual quest</li>
<li>If you think there is more going on behind tangible reality</li>
<li>If a sunrise gives you hope</li>
<li>If you don’t feel alone in the woods or by the seaside</li>
<li>If you see a bird feeding its chicks, and think of your children’s upbringing</li>
<li>If you’ve ever watched the shadow of a tree slowly rotate around the base or sat long enough to see the stars spin during a night .</li>
<li>If you’ve ever thought twice about pruning a tree or cutting the grass</li>
<li>If you’ve ever thanked your meal for its sacrifice</li>
<li>If you’ve ever greeted a tree or a rock</li>
<li>If fall makes you think of death, winter makes you dream of stories, spring brings thoughts of renewed life and summer is a frisky time</li>
<li>If seeing an owl tearing apart a mouse, gives you a moment of reflection on your own mortality</li>
<li>If you get a warm chuckle at mankind’s hubris and vanity in matters of religion</li>
<li>If you’ve been taught “right and wrong???, but wish to follow a honorable path for reasons other than threats or bribes…</li>
<li>If you know that while there are differences, there is also common ground in all faiths to work together</li>
<li>If you ever wondered where was the reverence for Nature in her own right</li>
<li>If you thought the creation part of Genesis was a bit skimpy</li>
<li>If you’d like to ask folks some hard questions and take away some frank answers</li>
<li>If you’ve wondered why people pray inside concrete boxes</li>
<li>If environmentalism means more than recycling beer cans</li>
<li>If you’ve ever felt the pulse of power in a song or poem</li>
<li>If you usually figure out the weather better than the news</li>
<li>If you devoured books of mythology, magic and monsters</li>
<li>If the idea of sitting around the fire all night with friends, food, folk music, a bottle of whiskey and fantastic stories sounds like “your kind of church???</li>
<li>If you got a sense of humor that’s irrepressible</li>
<li>If you’ve wondered how the peoples of ancient times felt about life, society, the divine and the arts</li>
<li>If mandatory religious practice or belief disquiets you</li>
<li>If you like to figure things out by mixing advice, research, trial and error and happenstance</li>
<li>If you have the courage of opinion to stand by what experience has taught you</li>
<li>If you sometimes lose track of the boundaries between religion, philosophy and culture</li>
<li>If the thirst for knowledge and wisdom consumes you</li>
<li>If you find an exception to every rule and a connection to every random fact</li>
<li>If you’re interested in the Celts, but not averse to going farther afield in your studies to patch together a framework .</li>
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