Pennsacola, FL USA

Waymeet Grove

Pennsacola, Escambia County, Florida USA

~~ Grove Overview ~~
NAME: Waymeet Proto-Grove
LOCATION: Pennsacola is in the western edge of the Florida panhandle, along the Emerald Coast, land of the live oaks.
  • Rev Druid Jól Retzloff,  Archdruid
  • Rachel Retzloff, Clerk
  • Janine Retzloff, Server
MEMBERSHIP: 4 Total: 3 Active; 1 Inactive
MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO: Any child of the Earth Mother who feels that Nature is good, and who lives close enough to meet regularly.
GROVE TOTEM : An evergreen wreath, showing the circle of life; two staves beside, for companionship along the path; and the Seren Derwydd central to show the way.
AFFILIATIONS: Reformed Druids of Gaia
MEMBER CULTURE: Pagans of all walks of life who are neither here nor there.
  • Organizing a “Pagan Awareness” booth at local festivals, with information from all willing local groups.
  • More to come