Evolution of the Reformed Druid Sigil

It all began simply enough, with the simple circle with two lines crossing it that was adopted by the Reformed Druids of North America;
Ar nDraoicht Fein (ADF) elaborated a bit more with the Sigil and they came up with this design:
The Henge of Keltria, an offshoot of ADF, added the Awen to their version of the Sigil:
The next modification that took place was by the Order of the Mithril Star. They added the Druish/Kabbalistic seven pointed Star, transformed the circle into Ourobourus (the world snake – snakes being a symbol of the Druids of old), and replaced the two transecting lines with twin Redwood Trees – sacred to their Order:
The latest manifestation is the work of the Reformed Druids of Gaia. In this version, the circle is replaced by the Earth Mother herself, representing the international scope of the Reform. There are three lines that transect her, making a representation of both the Druid sigil and the Awen. An almost invisible seven pointed star overlays the Earth, symbolic of RDG’s founders: the Order of the Mithril Star.  At the bottom of the circle is the Om; Sanskrit symbol of the oneness of the all; in recognition of our connection to the ancient Vedas.