Want to join us?

The Reformed Druids of Gaia invite you to join today!

1st: Review our two tenets:

1.“The object of the search for religious truth, which is a universal and a never ending search, may be found through the Earth Mother, which is Nature; but this is one way, yea, one way among many. “

2. “And great is the importance, which is of a spiritual importance, of Nature, which is the Earth Mother; for is is one of the objects of Creation, and with it we do live, yea, even as we do struggle through life are we come face to face with it.”

Do they resonate with you? Are you in agreement with them?

Congratulations – you have just joined the Reformed Druids of Gaia, and attained our First Degree! 2nd: Register with us by filling out the form below:(Please only do so once. The Senior Clerk processes them in batches on Saturday each week. This is not an automatic process, but a manual one. Submitting this form more than once kinda screws up our database. ThankĀ  you for grokking this. MYNT!)