Why Join the Reformed Druids of Gaia?

Comparison between the RDG and the RDNA



Established in 2006, to foster spiritual growth and enlightenment, and in recognition of the Reform’s growth throughout the world.
Established in 1963 to protest rule requiring mandatory attendance at religious services at a small midwestern college.
Same rich tradition as RDNA, but little history.
Rich history and tradition.
Actual membership census is known and kept track of. Actual membership census, at best, an educated guess.
Free to join (1st Order), you MIGHT need to download The Druid Path course to qualify for 2nd Order.
No fees, no dues – FREE
No ordination required for 1st Order
Ordination required for 1st Order
Meaningful initiation for 2nd Order
College style hazing required for 2nd Order, involving over-indulgence with whisky.
Priest need not be physically present for 3rd Order Ordination (Can happen by phone or chat-room).
A priest must show up in person at your vigil to ordain you following it (You must also buy them breakfast).
You can be ordained anytime of the year.
Ordinations not allowed during “Season of Sleep.”
Groves & Special Orders are autonomous. Groves & Orders are autonomous.
Most existing Special Orders are very pro-active, guiding individual members toward spiritual growth and offering opportunities for advancement.
None of the many existing Orders are very active.
Recognized leaders and International oversight committee. Leaders in Groves only. No oversight.
Intentionally international in vision and membership, with members and Groves existing in 28 countries throughout the world.
Although members and Groves exist in 4 countries, vision is limited to North America.