Mother Grove (MG)

The Mother Grove (MG) is the Executive branch of the Reformed Druids of Gaia. It is also a working local Grove whose official name is Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd Grove aka, the Eureka California Grove.  The Grove is located in the Redwood Forests of Humboldt County California.

Following is a partial list of the current officers of the MG, including the date of their 3rd Degree Ordination:


  • Rev Druid Ceridwen Arseneau, OMS
    Senior Archdruid
    Eureka CA USA, 18 November 2000
  • Rev Druid Ellis “Sybok” Arseneau, OMS
    Senior Clerk
    Eureka CA USA, 18 November  2000
  • Rev Druid Mark Boyd
    Eureka CA USA, 27 April 2008

This list is in effect since Samhain 2020.