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Krakowski Sabat Reformowanych Druidów

Krakowski Sabbath Reformed Druids

LOCATION: Krakus Mound (Polish: Kopiec Krakusa), also called the Krak Mound,
is a tumulus located in the Podgórze district of Kraków, Poland; thought to be the resting place of Kraków’s mythical founder, the legendary King Krakus. It is located on Lasota Hill, approximately 3 kilometres (2 mi) south of Kraków’s city centre, at an altitude of 271 metres (889 ft), with the base diameter of 60 metres (197 ft) and the height of 16 metres (52 ft).[1] Together with nearby Wanda Mound, it is one of Kraków’s two prehistoric mounds, and the oldest man-made structure in Kraków.[2] Nearby are also two other non-prehistoric, man-made mounds, Kosciuszko Mound, constructed in 1823, and Pilsudski’s Mound, completed in 1937.[3] All four make up Kraków’s four memorial mounds.
OFFICERS: Mateusz Tomczyk, Clerk
Szczepan Lesny, Server
MEMBERSHIP: 5 Total: 3 Active; 2 Inactive

Membership is open to every open-minded Pagan.

GROVE TOTEM: Coming soon. Waiting is.
GROVE PROJECTS: Wioska poganska na Woodstocku 2017 (Pagan village on Woodstock
Festival 2017
AFFILIATIONS: Reformed Druids of Gaia
MEMBER CULTURE: Right-leaning Liberal