What Is A Typical Druid Meeting Like?

What Is A Typical Druid Meeting Like?

A meeting begins when two or more worshipers come together to be in the presence of the gods.

They usually sit facing each other in a a circle. This helps them to be aware that they are a group together for worship, and puts everybody in a place of equal status.

When it seems that everyone is settled in the Archdruid will begin The Rite of The Waters of Life, which is followed by a period of silent meditation, during which everyone waits in shared silence until someone is moved by the Awen (i.e. has a strong religious feeling) to do something as part of their worship.

A person will only speak if they are convinced that they have something that must be shared, and it is rare for a person to speak more than once.

The words spoken are usually brief and may include readings (from the ARDA or other books), praying, or speaking from personal experience. Each speaking is followed by a period of silence.

Druids believe that the gods speak through the contributions made at the meeting. Some people say that there is often a feeling that a divine presence has settled over the group.

The words should come from the soul – from the inner light – rather than the mind. Druids know that even if the words they feel moved to speak have no particular meaning for themselves, they may carry a message from the gods to other people.

There may be no outward response to the contribution from other people, but if there is it will be something that builds positively on the previous contribution. Discussion and argument are not part of the meeting.

The meeting ends when the Archdruid stands and, while making the sign of the Druids three times, says “Peace! Peace! Peace!”

Usually, a pot luck follows.