Eureka CA USA

Humboldt County CA USA

The Grove’s name is Welsh for, Circle of walkers between the worlds,” which defines ours as a shamanistic expression of Reformed Druidism. Located in Humboldt County CA, the Grove once served as the “Mother Grove,” or headquarters, for the Reformed Druids of Gaia, an international fellowship of Reformed Druids.

Our Archdruid, Ceridwen Seren-Ddaer Arseneau is a co-founder of the RDG and currently serves as it’s Senior Archdruid. Her husband, Ellis “Sybok” Arseneau is the other co-founder, and currently serves as our Groves Clerk and as Webmaster for the RDG.

The tradition of Reformed Druidism began in 1963 in Northfield MN, at Carleton College, when a group of
students rebelled against the college’s requirement of mandatory attendance at religious services. To protest the requirement, the students invented a mock religion, Reformed Druids of North America,
and began to hold services. Over time their strategy succeeded, and the religious requirement was rescinded, but the tradition of Reformed Druidism, with it’s simple tenets and reverence of Nature, remained a draw.

Humboldt County is blessed to be the main manifestation (and tourist destination) for the Coast Redwood, Sequoia Sempervirons, which are the tallest trees on Earth.  The Redwood growing region runs along the Pacific Coast from the Oregon border, south, to just past Big Sur CA, and about thirty miles inland.  Although this vast region was once the largest rainforest on the planet, today less than 3% of it is left, the ecological victim of Capitalism. Those forests which survive are mainly located in California Redwood State Parks, in Redwood National Park, and Sequoia National Park (home of the Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron Giganteum).  The Coast Redwood is the official tree of the Order of the Mithril Star, RDG.