Some Questions for Proposed Grove Organizers

We’ve received your Grove application. Now we have just a few questions:

(Yes, some of these are redundant.)
1: Full name of your Grove

2: Name of your acting Archdruid

3: Name of your Clerk

4: Name of your Server

5: Where are you located? (City, County, State/Provence, Country)

6: Description of your location (Input your location into Wikipedia to get a description)

7: Number of active members

8: Number of inactive members

9: Who is eligible for membership?

10: Describe you Grove totem, and attach a jpg or gif to this email

11: What font would you like to see your Grove’s name in? (If we don’t have it, we can get it. No worries.)

12: List any special projects your Grove will be engaged in.

13: Affiliations other than the Reformed Druids of Gaia, if any.

14: Describe your “Member Culture” (Example: “Most members of this Grove tend to be college educated, left-leaning liberal, sci-fi nerd, “hippy” types. Most also have a strong “Discordian” bent.”)

15: URL of your website, if any.

Copy and paste these questions into an email, and send it to (Remember to attach your Totem/Logo jpg, gif to the email)