Simple Instructions for Attaining the Third Degree

1) Arrange to have your AD or another 3rd Degree mentor you.

Being mentored is optional, but helpful.

2) Take The Reformed Druidism 202 self-study course.

You can download a copy HERE.

2) Read ONE of the following:

“Pronoia is The Opposite of Paranoia” by Rob Brezney.


The Druids,” by Dr. Ronald Hutton.


“Blood and Mistletoe,” by Dr. Ronald Hutton.

They are available by clicking on the any image above. This takes you to

Write a book review about it.
4) Arrange/Schedule a vigil in a wilderness area with your AD or mentor.

(This can be at any time of the year, but (for practical, obvious reasons) we recommend the weeks immediately before or after the summer solstice, when the nights are at their shortest)

5) Acquire a Treskelle pendant for your initiation ritual into 3rd Degree.

  If you are a member of a Grove, you will be gifted one at your ordination, and therefore may skip this step.

If  not, buy one HERE.


4) Arrange for an ordination, either with your AD or over the phone or in chat with a 3rd Degree.

(Note: If you are a member of a Grove, your ordination will occur immediately following your vigil at your vigil site, your treskelle will be gifted to you, and it’s customary for you take your AD out for breakfast).

Once ordained, you have certain duties, obligations and privileges:
Once ordained, you become a member of the Nemeton of Dalon ap Landu. You are obligated to meet with the group, currently on Yahoo groups, particpate in discussions, and vote. You may be asked to moderate one of our online groups, and to meet regularly with your co-moderators. You may if you wish, start a new Order or establish a new Grove. You will also be allowed to perform weddings, birth initiations, funerals, and coming of age rituals. You’ll be allowed to perform the Rite of the Waters of Life, and preside at seasonal rites, as well as any other rites your Grove may customarily perform.