Simple Instructions for Attaining the Second Order

Take The Druid Path self-study course.



    • Guidelines
    • Lesson 1: The Celtic – Hindu Connection
    • Lesson 2: A Very Brief History of Modern Reformed Druidism
    • Lesson 3: Societal Programming & Early Indoctrination
    • Lesson 4: Ethics of the Druids
    • Lesson 5: Metaphysical Theory
    • Lesson 6: “Nature Is”
    • Lesson 7: On Nature: Another View
    • Lesson 8: The Nature of Deity
    • Lesson 9: The Unique Deities of Reformed Druidism
    • Lesson 10: 7 Characteristics of the Reformed Druid
    • Lesson 11: Dharma and the Druid Path
    • Lesson 12: Ritual Construction
    • Lesson 13-A: The Druish Annual Cycle (Autumn / Winter)
    • Lesson 13-B: The Druish Annual Cycle (Spring / Summer)
    • Lesson 14: The Reformed Druid Calendar
    • Lesson 15: Druidic Symbols and Identification
    • Lesson 16: The Sacrament of Water Sharing
    • Lesson 17: The Reformed Druids of Gaia



The revised course is now available to purchase and download from this page (Price is $50).  Fill out the form at the bottom and you’ll be directed to the purchase page.

2) Read Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

(it’s available in pdf on the download).


3) Acquire a Seren Derwydd pendant for your initiation ritual into the 2nd order.

Get one HERE

4) Arrange for an initiation ritual, either with your AD or over the phone or in chat with a 3rd order.

(Note: If you are a member of a Grove, your seren derwydd will be gifted to you).

Note: As of  1 February 2021, The Clerk of the Mother Grove is arranging all initiations and ordinations. Contact him at