Caithness Scotland UNITED KINGDOM


~~ Grove Overview ~~
NAME: Ò Fhluir na h-Albann Grove
(Flower of Scotland Grove)
LOCATION: The Grove is now located in Caithness, a part of the Highlands, and our rituals are regularly held in neolithic stone circles, both in Keiss, and in the Achavanich Standing Stones.
The Caithness landscape is rich with the remains of pre-historic occupation. These include the Grey Cairns of Camster, the Stone Lud, the Hill O Many Stanes, a complex of sites around Loch Yarrows and over 100 brochs. A prehistoric souterrain structure at Caithness has been likened to discoveries at Midgarth and on Shapinsay

The Caith element of Caithness comes from the name of a Pictish tribe known as the Cat or Catt people, or Catti (see Kingdom of Cat). The -ness element comes from Old Norse and means “headland”. The Norse called the area Katanes (“headland of the Catt people”), and over time this became Caithness. The Gaelic name for Caithness, Gallaibh, means “among the strangers” (the Norse). The Catti are represented in the Gaelic name for eastern Sutherland, Cataibh,and the old Gaelic name for Shetland, Innse Chat.

  • Rev. Druid Dr. Shimon Surya de Valencia, Archdruid
  • Druid Miguel Paredes, Clerk
  • Druid Kirstine Hand, Australian Outreach
MEMBERSHIP: 5 Total: 3 Active; 173 Inactive
AFFILIATIONS: Reformed Druids of Gaia

We are a mixture of University educated Druid’s (we have two members with PhD’s, and one with an M.Sc.), and working class members. The Grove has a mixture of Druid’s affiliated with the RDG, and solitary practitioners.

MOTTO: Ag déanamh mar a rinne na cinn Sean. Ag cruthú dó mar a théann muid chomh maith