Some RDG Statistics


1963 as Reformed Druids of North America, then spread across the country and world, culminating on Mabon 2006, with the establishment of RDG.
2555 registered members (as of 7/20/2019). There are also an estimated 3500 – 4500 (+ or -) Defacto Members (basically, if you live on the planet and identify as a Reformed Druid we count you.)
Members who are Clergy (3rd Degree)
47 as of 11/24/18 (also are members of NoDaL (see below). There are also another estimated 110 (+ or -), non-registered, or who have dropped out and didn’t tell anyone.
Oldest Druid
Our oldest member is 90 years old.
Youngest Druid
Our youngest member is 20 years old.
4% of our members were born prior to 1945.
44% of our members were born between 1946-1964.
41% of our members were born between 1965-1981.
11% of our members were born since 1982.
Total North American Druids:
Total International Druids:
Total Countries represented:
Total Druids in CELTIC Lands:
Number of Groves and Proto-Groves:
19 (+ or -). (A Grove is a local congregation of Druids. A Proto-Grove is fledgling Grove).
Grove Members
About 20%
There are 5 established Orders (In this meaning, an Order is a special interest group and is international in scope. An Order may function as a virtual Grove for members who are not physically close enough to a Grove. members of Groves may also be members of Orders, and a chapter of an Order may exist within a Grove).
International Council?
Yes – “The Nemeton of Dalon ap Landu consists of all those who have attained the 3rd Degree  and is led by the Senior Archdruid, Ceridwen Seren Ddeaar.
Annual Convention?
Up until 2010 we held an annual Gathering in the Redwoods, but when the economy went south few people could afford the trek to Northern California. Things got better, but the local grove’s membership became too small to run a Gathering like this. This may change, or another Grove may take on the task (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
Depends on your definition. Officially,  we have only two basic tenets .
The Druid’s Egg (In hiatus, as of May 18th 2012; indefinitely.)

The Nestling Druid (Newest publication, from the folks at Circle of Flowing Truth Proto-Grove, RDG)

The Druid Inquirer (From the RDNA’s archivist extraordinaire)

Relaxed. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Famous Members
Rev Druid Jean Pagano, OMS (AKA “Nightdrum”) is currently the Archdruid of ??rn Draíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). You can read his blog here.