100 points possible – you need 80 points to pass. Most questions are worth 5, and a few questions have options for extra points for extra work. Note: not all the questions are in the text. Not all of the answers are given here.

1) Reformed Druidism is a tradition handed
down from the ancient Druids of Gaul.
2) The Reformed Druids of Gaia — the organization
— is:
A) The vanguard (true presence) of international Reformed Druidism
3) Write a Triad about ethics, environmentalism
or activism.
The Earth our Mother The Universe our Father The Stars our essence
4) Valentine Michael Smith — in SIASL —
is born:
D) On Mars
5) Water is a holy sacrament to Michael
Valentine Smith (in SIASL) on earth because:
G) all of the above
6) A good example of individuals absorbing
and then living by indoctrination (societal programming) is:
A) A person who cannot be naked in a ritual because they believe
naturism to be sinful or connected with lust.
7) Within the context of indoctrination
(societal programming), what is jealousy based upon?
8) The Akashic Record is: B) a record of all existence — past, present and future, in
all seen and unseen realms — which individuals can tap into,
under the right circumstances.
9) What does the SIASL quote, “Love is that
condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your
own,” mean to you?
10) The three classes of deity can be thought
of as:
B) Archetypes, Old Ones, Us
11) An example of an Old One might be E) C and D
12) Fill in the blank. The Gaia Hypothesis
proposes that our planet functions as a single _______ that maintains
conditions necessary for its survival.
13) Asphalta is an archetypal deity who
nonetheless is very alive and can help you find:
C) a parking place
14) According to Michael Valentine Smith
in SIASL, to “Grok” something is to:
E) all of the above.
15) In the inner Nest of Church of All Worlds
in SIASL, each water-brother and water-sister:
H) All of the above.
16) OBOD leader Phillip Carr-Gomm is an
advocate of
17) The late Isaac Bonewits was a advocate
18) Name the 7 attributes, or characteristics,
that a mature Reformed Druid is expected to either possess or
develop over time
Point #1: Doethiweb Wisdom Point #2: Eluseugan Compassion Point
#3: Rhyddfrydwr Liberal Point #4: Wmbredd Abundance Point #5:
Ymnellltuaeth Noncomformity Point #6: Dysg Learning Point #7:
Delfrydwr Idealist
19) What was Kiri-Kin-Tha’s First Law of
“Nothing unreal exists.” (From Star Trek IV: The Voyage
20) Reformed Druidism is said to be 3)a “Middle Pillar” path
21) “Nature is good,” is also saying,”Nature
is god,” which is also saying, “thou art god.”
22) “An injury to one is an injury to all.” TRUE
23) Explain the following quote: “I am just
a drop of water in the ocean of god.”
Just as a drop of the ocean contains the entire essence of the
ocean, so does a “drop of god” contain the entire essence of god.
Thou art god. (This is a teaching from Kabbalah, Quakerism,
and several other mystical systems.
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