Meet Our Official Bards!

Anwyn & George Leverett

The Official Bards of the Reformed Druids of Gaia

2015 marked the 23rd anniversary of the acclaimed Celtic duo Anwyn & George Leverett. George and Anwyn Leverett play such diverse venues as Celtic and Blue Grass festivals, Nevada casinos, pubs, fairs, school assemblies and craft fairs. From 1995-2000 they performed at the “Green Show” of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, an event rated as one of the top ten events in the United States.

They have a passion for Celtic & medieval music that proclaims itself with each performance. Ancient, traditional and contemporary Celtic music comes to life with their wide variety of folk instruments. Anwyn and George play Irish fiddle, cittern, guitar, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, zither, hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery, recorder; but George’s main instrument is the beautiful self-made 36 string “Lady Harp” They blend a kaleidoscope of sounds and textures that makes no two songs sound the same.

The duo’s music is played on Celtic music radio shows across the US, Canada, Australia, Russia and Brazil, including the world wide syndicated radio show, Thistle & Shamrock. George has recently written and recorded a 5 song sound track for an upcoming television documentary.

George and Anwyn live in O’Brien OR

Featured on Oregon Art Beat
(From Oregon Public Broadcasting)

George Leverett’s Hurdy-Gurdy

Luthier George Leverett started out making dulcimers and harps. When his wife brought home a hurdy-gurdy, he became intrigued. The string instruments, which were popular with Medieval street musicians, are played by turning a crank with one hand and playing the keys which hit the strings with the other. George makes them by hand, a painstaking process. .


(Above video presented here with the permission of the artists.)

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Anwyn & George’s music is featured on the cd, Favorite Songs of The Reformed Druids.