Ascension Points

Requirements for the 4th through 7th Degrees

Optional Requirement:
How do you earn it?

Perform 70 hours of volunteer work for a non-profit organization dedicated to relieving human suffering resulting from economic
Since your ordination, perform 70 hours of volunteer work for a local food-bank, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or energy program (such as LHEAP). Have a letter written on the organizations stationary
attesting to your service sent to the Mother Grove.


Serve one year as a “Minister of Propaganda” for the RDG. Join a minimum of 70 online Pagan e-groups (Usenet,
Yahoo, MySpace, Tribe, Facebook, MSN, etc.); using your presence there to promote the RDG as much as possible (at least one post/week. You can draw from the RDG’s archives for material, or write your own). **YOU
MUST REGISTER WITH THE SENIOR CLERK, prior to beginning this


Start a Proto-Grove As a 1st Degree or higher Druid, find two other
interested parties, begin meeting together monthly, and file
the proper form
with the Senior Clerk.


Lead your Proto-Grove to become a full fledged Grove Since starting your proto-Grove, you have been meeting
a year and a day, YOU have been ordained to the 3rd Degree, and two of your members are at least 2nd Degree (20 pts./year).


Write a book report on a book from the RDG bibliography Submit it to the Clerk of the Mother Grove for review.
1 – 2
Write an article for an issue of “The
Druid’s Egg,
” “Druid Inquirer,”
or “Nestling Druid.”
1 point for writing the article, 2 points if we
use it.


Teach The Druid Path Course You can do this “live” or online. (5 points for
each session)

2 +

Moderate a Pagan e-group Any Pagan e-group will do. You get 1 point for each
year you continue.


Start or take ownership of a Pagan e-group Any Pagan e-group will do. You get 3 points for
starting it; 1 point for each year you continue.


Start a local Pagan Network You need to develop an e-group and a monthly meeting.
You get 5 points for starting it, 2 points for each year it continues.


Participate in an ongoing Pagan networking activity This can be an existing Pagan network, Pagan Meetup,
sabbat public ritual, etc., You must be actively involved. (3 points /year)


Take the Astropagan course This is the course taught by Archdruid Ceridwen.
for details. (10 points per session) (Note: Costs$$)


Take the OBOD course This course is taught by the Order of Bards, Ovates
and Druids. Details on the course can be found at
(Note: Costs $$)


Attend a Reformed Druid 2 or more day event. Can be RDG, RDNA, NRDNA, or an event sponsored by
a Grove or Order affiliated with any of these.


Visit one or more California Redwood Parks. Pick a state or national Park from Crescent City to Big Sur. 5 points per night if you camp out. 3 points per day for each day trip. Send a postcard to the Clerk from the nearest Park Visitors
Center for credit.


Show one of the approved
to friends
Write a report to the Clerk on how it went.


Start a letter
, phone and email campaign to your Congressperson and Senators urging legislation to ban the logging, sale and export of Redwood and
Redwood products.
It doesn’t matter that you live in California or
not. The Redwoods belong to all of us. They are a national treasure. 20 points for each year you maintain it.
Serve as an officer in a Grove for one term
5 points for the first term, 3 points for
each subsequent term
Learn a form of Spiritual Healing (for
example, Usui Reiki)
5 points for each step or Degree in your discipline.
The above is just a partial listing of activities that you can do to accrue Ascension Points. Fill out the
latest version of the Ascension Points Questionnaire after you attain 3rd Order, to ascertain how far you’ve already ascended. You may be surprised!