3rd Degree Ascension-Point Questionnaire

Members who have been ordained to the 3rd Degree should fill this out form about once a year, so we can award degree points based on your achievements. When filling it out, do so as if you’ve never done this before. This creates an audit of our records. Note that the things listed here are not the ONLY ways you can accumulate degree points. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED ALL QUESTIONS REFER TO THE TIME BEGINNING SINCE YOUR 2nd DEGREE INITIATION.

Explanations for Members Ascension-Point Questionnaire

1–Since your ordination, have you performed 70 hours as a volunteer for a non profit group involved in the relief of human suffering?: This means serving at a soup kitchen, working at a food bank, helping house the homeless, doing job counseling, working for a blood mobile, free medical clinic. Any kind of altruistic activities
2–Have you served 1 year as a “minister of Propaganda” for the  RDG?: Let Mike Talvola know ahead of time that you intend to do this. Join a minimum of 70 online Pagan e-groups (Usenet, Yahoo, MySpace, Tribe, Facebook, etc.); using your presence there to promote the OMS and RDG as much as possible (at least one post/week. You can draw from the Order’s archives and from El’s “Your Weekly Moment of Druish Zen” for material, or write your own). Write to the AD for more info.
This means actively acting as a spokesperson for the  RDG; defending us in newsgroups, chatrooms, online forums, against rumors, lies, ad hominum attacks, setting the record straight, promoting our activities, recruiting new members.

4A- Have you started a Proto-Grove?: A Proto-Grove is a fledgling Grove, which consists of (at least) three human members, one of which is at least a member of the 2nd Degree, and which meets at least 8 times each year.

4B- Has your proto-grove met the requirements for a full fledged Grove?: Once a Proto-Grove has existed for at least a year and a day, has one member who is 3rd Degree, and at least two other members who are 2nd Degree, that Grove can apply to the Senior Clerk for a Charter.

5- How many book/media reviews have your written? These come from our bibliography (see http://bibliography.reformed-druids.org

15A- How many California State, National or local Redwood parks have you visited?: Only trips you might have made since becoming a Druid count.

18A- Have you ever shown any of the following videos to (3 or more) friends:
Tree Sit is the video we used to give away as a membership incentive. You can still get it from us, but it’s not as topical as it once was. The same is true of Struggle In The Woods. Butterfly is a documentary about Julia Butterfly Hill. There is a newer dramatic version coming out this Winter which will also count. An Inconvenient Truth is Al Gores documentary. What The Bleep!? explores the intersection between spirituality and quantum physics. The other films listed here are by director Michael Moore. We REALLY, REALLY love Avatar. There is a complete list of films HERE.
42- The IUCN Red List is at http://www.iucnredlist.org/ If you go there before sending the form, be sure to have
your browser open it in another window or tab, or you will lose all of your work on the form.

TOTAL Points needed for the Degrees are as follows:
4th Degree: 33 points.
5th Degree: 66 more  points, for a total of 99.
6th Degree: 132 more points, for a total of 231.
7th Degree: 264 more points, for a total of 495.

Even if you do rack up 495 points, keep on racking them up. There MAY be more degrees in the future.