Feast of Sequoia — Circa August 8

“If the oak is king of trees’
What then can our redwood be?’
Lord above all greenery Everlasting tree”
— Sequoia Sempervirons by Leslie Fish

The Feast of Sequoia celebrates the Goddess’ finding of Dalon ap Landu’s comatose body in a “fairy circle” of Redwoods where the Caileach had left him with this in mind. A Dryad, Sequoia is the living spirit of the Coast Redwood forest. She found Dalon’s body where the Fae had led her, and seeing that he was not dead, she nursed him back to health. When Dalon finally awoke, it was love at first sight and the two instantly fell in love.

As yet there are no hard and fast methods of celebrating this Feast, although this is the time of year for the annual Druid Gathering in Northern California. So a group campout in a forest is entirely appropriate, along with whatever feasting and partying a group would come up with. We expect that over time individual groves will come up with their own rituals and celebrations for this feast.