Druid Path Final Exam Answer Key

Final Exam Multiple Choice Section Answer Key

50 points possible – you need 30 points to pass. Each question is worth 5.
Full Name drew d. druberg
Email Address drew.druberg@druid.org
In the Rite of Waters, when the AD asks, “And how do we honor this gift that cause life in us?” How do you respond? C: BY PARTAKING OF THE WATERS-OF-LIFE.
Bori Gormod Dwrci Ddiwrnod corresponds to what secular holiday? C: Thanksgiving Day
Beltane is also known as E: All of the above.
Translate July 14th, 2010 into a Reformed Druid date 74 Samradh YGR 04
The symbol used by Druids of the 2nd Age of the Reform is: D: Seven Pointed Star
As a member of a Grove, I expect that my ordination to 3rd Degree will occur C: Immediately following my vigil at my vigil campsite
Who belongs to the Nemeton of Dalon ap Landu? D: All 3rd Degree Druids
Grove elections are held B: During the season of Foghamhar
Most Grove decisions are made by C: By consensus
Decisions by the NoDaL may be passed, overturned, ammended or vetoed by: C: The Mother Grove
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