Invest in Dryads Realm

Does this investment opportunity interest you?

We’re looking for an investor or investors willing to put up between $5,000 and $1,100,000.

We anticipate that we will have two kinds of investors:

1) Off site investors who are just looking to make some money

2) On site investors who will also be living on the property as part of the working team (resident -staff) managing the business. These on site investors would by necessity need to be naturist, Pagan and commune oriented.

Ideally, these folks would also be members of the Order
of the Mithril Star

1) Off site investors: We would repay these at a rate of 10% over a 15 year period, as amortized mortgages. Each off site investor would receive up to 10 days free accommodations per year, subject to availability.
2) On site investors: These would be paid their 10% interest only, and for as long as they would remain with us as resident – staff. They would also be paid salary and benefits at the same rate as any other resident – staff member. Should they decide
that living with us is not their “cup of tea” their investment
would revert to that of an off site investor, as described above.
Please fill out the following ONLY if you are seriously interested and to receive a copy of this business plan, including management resumes: