Business Plan part 3

Environmental impact audit
Due to the nature of the business and it’s infrastructure, it is anticipated that The Dryad Group, Inc. will pass any environmental impact audits.
Booking will be done onsite using Quickbooks software.
Major Suppliers
Geodesic dome shells COD
Dome decks, campgrounds, rv pads, roads, heating, a/c, plumbing, electric,
pool, etc.
Poletskyes Eureka CA Appliances COD
The Park Catalogue   Camp ground equipment COD
2 U
  Hot tubs COD


Vehicles COD
E-Z Go   Electric utility carts COD
to site location)
  Garbage pickup Contract
Licenses, Permits, and Insurance
  1.  Humboldt County — Annual Business License
  2. Business Insurance – Local agency yet to be determined
  3. Chamber of Commerce -Membership
  4. American Association for Nude Recreation membership
The Marketing Plan and Competition
Overall market:
  Within the overall market, The Dryad Group, Inc.’s primary target market will come from the growing number of naturist tourists from Canada, the United States,the UK and Australia. Within California the tourism market is the second strongest industry and camping represents 13% of this market. In 1999 California enjoyed a record 22.3 million visitors with tourism revenues reaching a new high of $9.2 billion, up 4.9 percent over 2020. Further, California also reported that The Dryad Group’s two primary activities of developed
camping and hiking are anticipated to experience a 49 to 57% growth from 1995-2050. In addition, a California tourism study completed in 1998 found that eco-tourism in California generated $892 million in revenue in 2021 and employed more than 13,000 people, an 11-per-cent increase from the previous year.
 CNN- Money reported in the summer of 2020  that the clothing optional camping and hospitality industry was estimated at over $400 million annually.
Currently, there are over 19,000 campsites in North Coastal Regional State and Federal Parks and numerous private ones, 49% of which are in Humboldt County. The total number of recreational areas, parks and ecological reserves in the Redwood Empire equals a little more than 150. Most campsites are either within or next to state parks. State park campsites overall recorded 2.6 million visits in 2020 – down from the year before. North coastal Redwood
parks bucked this trend, with visits increasing by two percent in 2021. Campgrounds in Humboldt Redwood State Park alone record an average of 750,000 visits per year.
Federal and State budget cuts have cut the availability of supervised camp sites by almost 50%, leaving private sector camp grounds located outside the parks to fill in the gap.
The Target Customers:
The Dryad Group’s target customers are from the national and international naturist communities. The average age of campground visitors is 35 to 55. Most visitors have a slightly higher than average disposable income (money to spend after all expenses are paid), with a family income of about $110,000-plus annually. Many visitors to campgrounds are families, with parents ranging from 40 to 55 and children averaging 5 to15. This market segment has an annual income of from $160,000 to $180,000. The RV portion of the naturist market, mostly retirees, has an average income of $95,000.
Marketing Strategy:
 The Dryad Group, Inc. will adopt a strategic marketing campaign which includes: brochures, a website, display advertising in national and international travel and naturist publications and networking within the region to naturist clubs, the Chamber of Commerce and the American Society for Nude Recreation. The Dryad Group, Inc. will feature the campgrounds as a safe, family-oriented camping experience in Arcata on the beautiful north coast of California
where campers can experience the tallest trees in the world, and go on whale watching tours as Gray Whales migrate past Arcata Bay on their way to their summer feeding grounds in the waters of Baja Mexico.
Guided cultural hiking tours will be offered year round, even in the winter. The site will be within 30 minutes from the Humboldt Redwood Park and Redwood National Park which feature the world famous Coast Redwoods. The company will track the marketing methods to optimize the effectiveness by asking clients how they heard of the camp, and by maintaining their records and sending annual postcards inviting them to return with a “wish you were
here” note, signed by the owners. These postcards will also act as
the company brochures and will be designed to the specifications as required by the California Tourism Department, where they will be placed. The California Tourism agreement will allow the company to place their brochures in hotels and restaurants where there are very high numbers of tourists. Further, the company will establish a website targeted to naturist tourists featuring many regional aesthetic features such as the Gray Whales, and the Coast Redwoods.
Finally the company’s networking strategy includes networking within the regional naturist clubs and the Chambers of Commerce.