Business Plan part 2

Direct and Indirect Competition

Competition is a non-issue, as there are no other clothing optional
facilities of any kind in the Redwood Coast region. Our closest
competition is 212 miles south of Eureka, in Middletown CA. All
other campground / resort facilities are of the conventional clothing
required type. The local Chambers of Commerce report that the
hospitality industry in our region enjoys a 95% occupancy rate year
around, so a niche facility such as ours should logically enjoy at
least that. However, on the 3 year cash flow spreadsheets we
used a conservative 50% occupancy rate to base our numbers on.

Operational Plan

Location & Facilities:

Humboldt County is commonly referred to as the gateway to
the Northwest and “capital” of the Redwood Empire. Only 30
minutes away is Humboldt Redwood State Park, which
intertwines with Redwood National Park, home of the world
famous Avenue of the Giants. In addition to the main attraction,
the worlds tallest trees, whale watching is featured in the region,
as each year 20,000 Gray Whales migrate past Arcata Bay on their
way to their summer feeding grounds in the waters of Baja Mexico.

Other regional features include the Eel River where kayakers and rafters can enjoy white water cascades, and where fishermen can enjoy some of the best salmon fishing in the region.

Dryad’s Realm Redwood Retreat will be easily accessible and during the peak camping season – May, June, July and August – the campground will take advantage of the high volumes of tourists traveling Highway 101.

Dryad’s Realm Redwood Retreat will be a 20-80 acre property eventually featuring 100 tent sites, 25 RV sitesĀ  and 12 geodesic dome “cabins.” The property is Redwood forest and will offer cultural guided (clothed) hiking tours of the nearby Redwood parks.

An area and a regional map are attached in the appendices of this document

Production Process: >The company will advertise the campgrounds
through various avenues, including Internet, California brochure placement,
and through travel and Naturist publications. We will take reservations by phone and on the internet with a 50% deposit, which is industry standard.

Action Plan: Pre-Opening Goals

    • Secure financing of $1,100,000 to purchase and develop site.
    • Research, find, and acquire site.
    • First year construction goals:


  1. Build first 50 campsites, shower / laundry house, 1 hot tub.
  2. Build 4 geodesic dome or Yurt “cabins”.
  3. Build 10 RV sites and dump station.
  4. Build on site roads.
  5. Build caretakers domes
  6. Build offices, camp store
  7. Install swimming pool.

  • Meet with local fire services department to discuss fire safety regulations.
  • Schedule contracts and contractors to establish infrastructure: hydro, water, sewage, laying RV pads, dome decks, roads etc., and confirm dates for start/end of construction.
  • Buy liability insurance.
  • Purchase office equipment, furniture and computer and establish administrative systems.
  • Open a merchant account with a bank in Eureka, and set up a direct debit and Visa payment system.
  • Undertake First Aid Training for caretakers.
  • Create advertising and promos and waiver form for customers to sign to limit responsibility on the campground.
  • Identify internet hosting company to register website name and establish website. Open for business April 2023.
  • Establish links with target communities, Arcata and Eureka, through the Chambers of Commerce.
  • Lease beverage and snack machines.

Post Opening Goals MEDIUM-TERM

  • Increase market share.
  • 10% growth per annum

Phase two building plan:

  • Build remaining 50 campsites
  • Build 4 more guest “cabins”.
  • Build 10 more RV sites.
  • Add 2 more hot tubs

Final Stage

  • Add remaining 5 RV sites, bringing total to 25.
  • Add remaining guest cabins, bringing total to 12
  • Build all-purpose dome
  • Install additional accoutrements.