Druid Clan of Celliwig

~~ Grove Overview ~~

NAME: Druid Clan of Celliwig
LOCATION: Cornwall forms the westernmost part of the south-west peninsula of the island of Great Britain, and a large part of the Cornubian batholith is within Cornwall. This area was first inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then Bronze Age peoples, and later (in the Iron Age) by Brythons with distinctive cultural relations to neighbouring Wales and Brittany. There is little evidence that Roman rule was effective west of Exeter and few Roman remains have been found. Cornwall was the home of a division of the Dumnonii tribe – whose tribal centre was in the modern county of Devon – known as the Cornovii, separated from the Brythons of Wales after the Battle of Deorham, often coming into conflict with the expanding English kingdom of Wessex before King Athelstan in AD 936 set the boundary between English and Cornish at the Tamar.[7] From the early Middle Ages, British language and culture was apparently shared by Brythons trading across both sides of the Channel, evidenced by the corresponding high medieval Breton kingdoms of Domnonee and Cornouaille and the Celtic Christianity common to both territories.
OFFICERS: Rev Druid Alan Jones , Archdruid
Druid Sue Edwards, Clerk
Druid Emma Rachel May, Server
MEMBERSHIP: 6 Total: 6 Active; 0 Inactive

Membership is open to all of those who are willing to sign up to the basic tenets of RDG and The Clan’s own ethics.

Voting members will be those who have followed an approved course of training such as that offered by the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick

GROVE TOTEM: Tree : Sessile Oak
Flower : Gorse
GROVE PROJECTS: Recapturing and retelling local myths and legends

Others to be defined

AFFILIATIONS: Reformed Druids of Gaia
Through Alan:
Church of All Worlds
British Druid Order
Ancient and Noble Order Knights Templar
Sue and Alan are registered with the Fellowship of Isis
Sue is a Priestess of Kernow
MEMBER CULTURE: Membership is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds but at the moment reflect those who have become involved with The Schools training programmes and events.