Login Disclaimer

Before you actually login, you should be aware that Chrome and Firefox have of late taken it upon themselves to warn you about websites that lack SSL Certificates.

Any site whose URL begins with https is a site that has a certificate.  These certificates cost beaucoup bucks (our host charges $256/year/domain) and at this time the Reformed Druids of Gaia simply cannot afford to annually pay up for these things.

If you’d like to make a donation towards making this happen, go to avalonrisen.com and select the combination of donations (called “Rhodds”) that you desire.

When you go to login, Firefox will show you this message:

Chrome, on the other hand, (so far) limits it’s warning to a “Not secure” message in the URL line, which you might not even notice.

1st, this site is as secure as any other site on the internet.

2nd, we can assure you that nothing you give us will be compromised. Hackers are not going to collect your data, and they are not going steal your identity. You may go ahead and login in confidence.

Please, feel free to LOGIN. Ignore the paranoia that Firefox and Chrome are spreading.

May you NEVER THIRST for the Waters if Life!